The 3D Twister Box

Who will hang the longest in the most impossible positions?
An amazing challenge to play, extremely fun to see.
Great activity for events and festivals.


The BoulderBox can be rented per day and with or without a host. On subsequent days we use a volume discount on the rental price.

Rental days

Hosting hours


Price calculation

1 day
€ 1250.00
Hosting *
0 hours
€ 0.00
Transport **
€ 0.00

€ 1250.00
* Total hosting hours for all days together.
** This is an estimation. Please get in contact for a final transportation price.

For a rental period of 7 days or more, please contact us for a custom proposal.


What are the dimensions of the BoulderBox? The BoulderBox is approximately 2x2x3.2 meters (LxWxH).
How much space do I need to reserve for the BoulderBox? The BoulderBox needs a free space of approximately 4.5x7x3.8 meters (paved and level surface).
How does the handling and transport work? Since June 2022 Camperbaas is taking care of the total handling and transport of the BoulderBox. They will get back to you after filling in our form and also will place the BouderBox at the desired location.
How long does it take to set up the BoulderBox? It takes us about 30 minutes to set up the BoulderBox (if the route is free and paved).
Inside & Outside? The BoulderBox can be both placed inside and outside. Please note that the BoulderBox is transported on a trailer as one piece and therefore cannot pass through openings smaller than 2.2m wide and 2.6m high. The boulderbox cannot be disassembled!
Does the BoulderBox needs a power source? Yes, +/- 500W on 230V with a 16A schuko connection (you can just plug it into a EU power socket in the wall 😉).
Do I rent the Boulderbox with or without a host? Both options are possible, depending on your needs. Though we do advise to always have someone from your organisation nearby, if you rent the BoulderBox without a host.
What is the maximum amount of players? The Boulderbox can used by 6 players concurrently. And by many spectators.
From which countries can I rent the BoulderBox? In general we are renting out the BoulderBox to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Do you want the BoulderBox in another country? Let's get in contact and we can see what's possible.
Do you work with a deposit? Yes, after accepting our proposal we will send a deposit invoice amounting to 30% of the price proposal.
How does the Yes, after accepting our proposal we will send a deposit invoice amounting to 30% of the price proposal.


"Super leuke activatie die onze bezoekers weten te waarderen!"

Omar El Benni Creative Lead Extrema

"The BoulderBox is a great addition to any festival. It’s a fun way to meet new people in a playful way. You will only see smiling faces around this attraction. Everybody knows the game, but the 3D element makes it new and challenging. We have always had a good experience with the delivery and set up."

Brizia de Bruin Windmill Festival

"The BoulderBox really brings 2 worlds together, the students loved it! Highly recommended for any event where you want to bring sports & fun together."

Davy Laan De Burgemeesters

"I love Twister, this is next level though!"

EmmaVisitor Extrema Outdoor Extra

"Twisteren met een twist! Superleuke, actieve, net-even-anders-dan-anders activiteit voor je evenement. Ik heb de Boulderbox oa ingezet tijdens een personeelsfeest en het was een groot succes!"

Loes Hoogland-BootBoot Media & Entertainment

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